Need to know if you're spending your money for advertising with Google Ads in a right way? Just ask me to check it!

It takes 1 business day only and 100 euro. 


What 'express check' means:

1) i'll check all bids (if it's not 1mil)

2) find the most relevant keywords and focused on it

3) add new keywords (if it's not enough)

4) set up the goals (if you don't have them)

5) in 1 month after changes i'll check all again


If you don't have Ads connected to Analytics i can strongly recommend to set it up for campaigns without goals.

This summer you can take a discount of 15% for all our services if the payment is in July and August.

For more details just drop us a message!

Includes:Website in 1 day

- Joomla! CMS

- Ready template (like our web-site and this one). That is only about how menu looks like. Fonts and functionality, all colours, positions of the images and texts will be changes.   

- Contact form and pop-up contact form 

Cost per project 500 euro.


Please note that we're able to make only "Business" or "OnePage" web-sites type in 1 day.




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